This Is Who We Are

We are unique because we can visualise our client's perspectives and ideas. Our approach is simple: Creating custom outstanding designs. We love the social part of our work. Social relationships are our highest priority .

In 2012, I arrive to the USA from Norway, Scandinavia. It was like starting from the bottom again.
I have a bachelor degree in Social Anthropology, Culture, and Society. I also have a year of Multimedia Designer. I decided to become a photographer and created a company PANDO DESIGN, I managed to get a few clients but it wasn’t much of a profit. I worked long hours editing hundreds of pictures. Later I started making Wedding Videography. The pay was greater, but I encountered the same problem, working longer hours without covering my expenses. I then added DJ services and manage to cut down long hours of work, still making a decent amount of money. The only problem was that the clients disappeared after each assignment. I needed to keep my clients coming back. So I started doing Graphic Design and Web design. Today I have 6 clients on website maintenance subscription and we are growing to become your local website hosting provider in 2019. Joel